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Our Dental Compressors in South Wales.

At Gloucester Compressed Air Specialists Ltd, we offer dental compressors for our clients in and around South Wales. If you would like to speak with our team regarding any of our products, please do get in touch today.

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Dental Compressors in Cheshire

There are two major dental systems without which your surgery would cease to function; the dental compressors itself, and also your suction system. Here at GCASL we are fully qualified to provide servicing, repair, installation as well as hire of all dental compressed air equipment in South Wales, North Wales & Cheshire.

Our specialist team will always be here to discuss your exact needs. We will also strive to ensure that your surgery is functioning as it should be within the timescales outlined.

Clean, high quality compressed air is very important to your business when dealing with clients from the general public. Without this, you would be running a large risk of contamination; in addition to this, your equipment may not function properly. If you would like to discuss your dental practice’s needs with a member of our team, please do give us a call today. No matter how big or small your project may be, we would love to assist you, and we are also certain that we have the right compressor for you.

Compressed Air in South Wales – Legal Requirements:

Within the NHS environment, dry, filtered and also clean air dentistry compressors are needed by law. In accordance with the NHS Guidance Document (Health Technical Memorandum 2022) which discusses dental compressed air and also includes further information regarding air quality needs for all dental surgeries and practices in hospital settings. If you are searching for services in dental compressors in Cheshire and Wales, before a compressor is used a competent person should put together a written examination scheme, detailing its’ full, periodic examination. A listed owner of the compressor itself must ensure that the examinations are carried out in line with the written scheme. These exams should occur at least once every 26 months for each air compressor within your business.

Suction Systems

Essential parts of any dental procedure include removing debris and liquids from your operating area, along with amalgam separation. However, suction systems are often overlooked until they lose power, or even worse, fail completely.  The experts at GCASL are qualified to advise on service schedules for most air and suction systems, along with filtration, air dryers and compressed air & vacuum system improvements.

Patient Protection

In order to ensure that your patients are protected in your practice, the following should be considered:

A compressed air dryer & filter should be installed in your system. This system should be capable of producing air with a dew point no less than -20°C. You should also consider adding a bacterial filter to reduce the risk of delivering spores or other types of infectious matter.

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